May 19, 2015

FeFit Fe Fuel Protein & Energy Bar - Coconut Pecan | Review



Hungry ladies? Then check this out….

Good things DO come in small packages. You get Bigger taste. In a Smaller size. It’s a GUILT FREE snack!

Fé Fit Fé Fuel Protein & Energy Bars is the perfect snack for an all-natural mini kick of energy. It is baked of wholesome ingredients and 10g of clean protein. Great for a post-workout snack or meal replacement. It’s Gluten Free. Paleo. Whole Natural Food.

After all, who wants a chalky snack? Who wants chemicals? We wanted a protein bar that didn’t taste like a protein bar. We wanted an energy kick that was all natural with no preservatives. Now we have it.


I am currently on a weight loss journey, so I have been on the hunt for snacks that I can eat, that taste good, and are just as good for me. I decided to try the Coconut Pecan flavor since it seemed the tastiest to me. The bars arrive in a very cute pink box, and when you open it up all the bars are inside, each wrapped on their own. The bars are quite small, honestly at first I was a bit unsure. After having a couple of them, I can honestly say that I wouldn't want them any bigger than they are. They are quite dense, and very filling.

They have a great nutty taste, to me I taste more of the pecans than any other flavor. They are a bit chewy, and sometimes get stuck in my teeth, so I suggest having water on hand when eating these. They aren't too sweet either which I appreciate. I am a pecan lover, and I can truly savor the pecan flavor with these.

These make a great snack, and are perfect to take on the go. They fit easily in a purse or bag. I really enjoy these, and love munching on them! I also let a family member try some, and she came back to me asking for another! She too said that they make a fantastic snack. I without a doubt give these a 5 out of 5 star rating!


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