May 11, 2015

Imperial Cat's Vehicle Scratch 'n Shapes- Cat Scratcher | Review


Most of my long time readers know that I have 2 cats. Keeping them from scratching things they shouldn't is always a struggle for cat owners. Luckily for me my cats love cardboard cat scratchers, and they are quite used to using them, so they leave my furniature alone!

All of the scratchers that my cats have ever used have just been your basic, flat, rectangle shaped scratchers. Nothing special, kinda boring. Not that they care, but many are so tiny that they can barely get ontop of them and get their scratching fever out! 

Anna and Bailey, my 2 cats, were recently sent the Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes Convertible cat scratcher. It is shaped like a convertible car, with some snazzy flames designs going down each side. Completely bad to the bone! Honestly it is one of the cutest things ever! It's even cuter when you see your cat jump on it, they look so cute in the drivers seat! The scratcher also came with a bag of organic catnip to place on the scratcher. This is used to help attract your cats to the scratcher, and boy does it work! My cats were going nuts over the cat nip! The cat nip being on the scratcher got their attention, and brought them onto the scratcher, and their natural insticts kicked in. The both went to down having a good scratch!

The size of the convertible cat scrather is perfect, its big enough that they can get ontop of it, and lay down on it if they like, or they can stand on it and have a good dig. My cats literally take turns over who gets to be on the scratcher. They love it! And I love it because it keeps them away from my furniture! 

Below are some photos for you to check out. I had the hardest time trying to catch them using the scratcher. Everytime I took the camera out when I saw them on it, they would jump off and come over to sniff the camera. Go figure! 

So what rating does the Imperial Cat Vehicle Scratch 'n Shapes Cat Scratcher  get from Anna and Bailey? Without a doubt this is a 5 paw rating!

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