May 13, 2015

Stickyfeet Non Slip Yoga Toeless Socks | Review



Ultimate Comfort! Made of HIGH QUALITY Breathable Combed Cotton , Help provide warmness if you practice in a chilly condition.

Non-slip dot pattern can provide the added balance, control and grip for you to practice yoga and pilates with peace of mind.

Portable - allow you to practice without a mat .No bunching or twisting.

Hygienic alternative to barefoot feeling without cold feet, Protects feet from exposure to foot fungus.

Half toe design lets your toes breathe, allows for better tactile feel and balance, flexibility and strength.


I like to use these when I am working out at home, not just for yoga. I like to do stretches and such but my floors are slippery, and falling is always in the back of my mind. Last thing I want to do is hurt myself while trying to better myself!

These fit like a glove, literally! Very soft, and comfortable on the feet. I was worried at first thinking that they might feel a bit awkward, but they don't. My toes feel free, and are easily able to move around. Plus there is a nice air flow with the tip of the toes being cut out.The gripper on the sole of the socks is fantastic. Catch and create a great secure grip and just make me feel secure when I am doing my crazy stretches and poses! They are also great to wear when I am practicing dancing, or even just around the house. They go beyond just using for yoga or pilates.

I think these are fantastic, I would love to see them come in more color selections and styles!

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