June 17, 2015

Carat Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger | Review

via Carat


This is a stylish, elegant, and modern fruit basket with banana hanger.  With this, you can not only store your fruit, but display it!  This fruit basket would look great on any table in any room!  It is distinctive centerpiece that is not only practical, but attractive!

via Carat


I eat a lot of fruit in my home as a snack. Sometimes I would forget about fruits that I had, and sadly they would go bad, wasting my money. This fruit bowl from Carat is exactly what my home has been needing!

When I go grocery shopping, I can take out the fruits I've purchased, put them in this bowl, and set it on the counter. I can see what I have, and I have all of my fruits right in 1 place. Having easy access to fruits also makes it helpful in making better snack choices. I can just walk in my kitchen, grab a piece of fruit and be on my way. I absolutely love this! It has a banana hook at the top, and a nice large bowl at the bottom for any other fruits. Great design, it fits in well with my kitchen decor.

This is great to have in your home, however it would also make the perfect house warming gift! It is also a perfect thing to add into the work office, break room, or what have you! No matter where you choose to place it, you'll love it!

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