June 23, 2015

HealPT Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball | Review


The HealPT Foot Roller and Porcupine Ball are specially designed to relieve foot soreness, Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. These lightweight and portable tools are used to stretch, massage and relax your muscles while allowing blood to flow throughout your feet. Proper blood flow promotes healing and will help you recover from an injury or workout faster. The Foot Roller and Porcupine ball are perfect for athletes, runners, walkers or anyone with sore feet. The portability is what makes these so great - a personal foot massage that you can take anywhere! Use them after a run, in the morning to stretch your feet out or use them under your desk while you work. Roll to find painful trigger points and isolate rolling in these areas to destroy troublesome knots. BONUS - This massage set comes with a FREE Instruction brochure and informative product guide. Inside you'll find instructions for using both massagers, information on Plantar Fasciitis and other useful information.


I recently injured my foot while running, and I have been nursing it back to health for a while. I had to slow down my running to only once a week just to allow my foot to heal. I was really needing something to help me massage my foot and really help my muscles in my foot relax. I have been using the foot roller and ball for a little while now, and it has helped me out quite a bit already.

At night I start off by using the roller, and giving my entire foot a nice massage. Then I use the porcupine ball to focus on the ball of my foot, where I have the most discomfort from my injury. After about a half hour, 15 minutes with each, I soak my foot in a cold epsom salt bath. This routine makes my foot feel a million times better!

I absolutely love this set. I appreciate that the wooden roller has the rubberized pieces on it to prevent it from slipping on hard floors. The porcupine ball works wonderfully on my carpet, it helps control the pressure. Overall a fantastic set for my foot!

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