June 17, 2015

Kuuk 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer | Review

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Improve flavor
Meat has always been expensive, and with prices soaring higher than ever, all you can do is buy the least expensive cuts and hope for the best. With our Professional Meat Tenderizer, you don't need to worry. Thanks to its 48 razor-sharp blades, our meat tenderizer cuts through the connective tissue that makes meat tough, to improve both its appearance and flavor! In short, it can transform a cheap cut into a juicy, pricey-looking one!
Juicier cuts
Ever wondered why steak is so juicy and tender in expensive restaurants? This is their best kept secret: tenderizing meat cuts retains juices, which makes for less shrinkage and fuller flavor!
Cook faster
Did you know that by tenderizing meat you can slash cooking time almost in half? Perfect for those big family dinners, when you have loads of dishes to prepare and cook -or even for those nights when come home from work exhausted, and spending an hour by the stove just sounds impossible.
Marinade made easy
Sure, we all love a good marinade. It adds flavor and moisture, but it also takes 6 to 8 hours -many chefs even recommend marinading the meat overnight. But who has the time? When you use our meat tenderizer, you allow the ingredients to really penetrate the meat. They'll be absorbed faster and better and you'll need to marinade only for a couple hours!
100% safe
Our professional meat tenderizer is dishwasher safe, and in compliance with FDA standard.

via Kuuk

Oddly enough I didn't have a meat tenderizer in my home, until now. I have always meat to pick one up at the store, but it seemed to slip my mind. I finally got my hands on this one, and I have had the chance to use it quite a bit!

I have used this with steak, pork chops and chicken. It works wonderfully with all of them. I find that this helps speed up cooking time, and it also helps marinades, rubs and spices sink better into the meat. The flavor that I get as a result of using this is amazing! Plus my meats just cook more tender. It is very easy to use, and easy to handle. It is easy to wash, however I would recommend only adults washing this to avoid any accidents with the blades. I do love that this comes in a holder that protects the blades until you are using the tenderizer. This makes storing so simple, and adds to the safety.

I quite like this, it's becoming a very handy tool to have around in my kitchen!

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