June 25, 2015

Pure Care Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole | Review


Trap allergens and dust without the use of harsh chemicals. Our duster head consists of millions of microfibers that attach themselves to even the smallest dirt and dust particles leaving the surface naturally dust-free. The dust stays locked inside the microfibers until you wash the head in warm water. To clean the head, rinse it thoroughly with clean, warm water, pat with a towel or paper towel and let it air dry. The head unsnaps by sliding the button on the handle up for easy hand washing. The soft microfiber head bends to any degree for convenient dusting in hard-to-reach places such as ceiling fans, window sills, corners, under and on top of furniture, picture frames, sky lights, and more. The soft head fits inside the narrowest spaces where dust can hide for years causing allergies and other health issues. Use the head by itself or attach it to the 3-section lightweight aluminum pole that retracts with a quick twist up to 64 inches (including the head).


For years I have just had a small non extendable duster in my home. While it would get the job done, it was quite often a pain to use. I couldn't reach too high with it unless I got out a chair and stood on the chair. Not only did this create extra work, but it was also unsafe. The day that this Microfiber Duster from Pure Care arrived, I put it to the test to see how well it works.

I love that this one is extendable in multiple lengths. I can reach high up on my ceiling, or in long narrow nooks in just a few simple turns. It is nothing short of fantastic! I also love that the duster head is detachable and easily able to be washed! The duster has a nice handle on it which is comfortable in hand, and easy to grip. Nice design overall, I quite like it. The only thing that I would like is if the duster head could be tilted, making it easier to clean certain areas, such as ceiling fans. But overall it is great! My home is the most dust free it has ever been!

I definitely give this a full 5 out of 5 star recommendation. It makes dusting so much easier!

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