June 15, 2015

Zander's 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil | Review



Our High Quality Therapeutic Lavandula Angustifolia also known as "True Lavender" is sourced directly from French growers and is 100% Pure and undiluted!

Lavender essential oil is used for multiple ailments including: stress relief, migraines, nausea, menstrual cramps, hay fever, bumps and bruises, eczema, and soothing your little ones.

Lavender oil is recommended by aromatherapists to promote sleep, relax in a hot bath, ease muscle tension, freshen clothes, and making spaces smell fresh through the use of diffusers or burners.

You deserve a natural, steam distilled essential oil to fit your everyday needs. Zänder provdes this in our French Lavender Essential Oil. Make the decision to increase the wellness of your family.

Zänder Essential Oils harness natural healing power. 

We know that our customers care about their families and want to provide what's best for them. 
This is why Zänder has strict standards in place to ensure that we always provide high quality 
oils that improve health without harmful fillers or blending that larger distilleries use to lower prices. 

Our Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil, purified through steam distillation, allows you to experience the full effects of natural lavender. 

The scent of lavender oil is known to ease mental tension, lift moods, and even ease anxiety. Simply breathing a couple drops rubbed between your hands is known to promote restfulness. 

Diffuse lavender oil in bedrooms to ease children and adults alike into a deep and restful slumber. 

Adding a few drops of our Lavender oil to a hot bath can transform an everyday bath into your own personal home spa. 

Apply a drop to the back of your neck and chest to soothe irritated sinuses and to relieve seasonal allergies.* 

For the artisan, Lavender oil can be used in bath salts, scrubs, and soaps that make great gifts. 

Burning Lavender Oil has been used to enhance spiritual and meditative experiences. 

*Due to its potency, Lavender oil applied to the skin directly may irritate sensitive skin. Try adding it to a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil to dilute. These fusions can also be used as relaxing massage oils. 

Consumption of this oil is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, however, ingestion is not recommended without the direction of a licensed health practitioner.


I recently got a automatic essential oil diffuser, so I have been trying out all sorts of essential oil scents with it. I have used the Zander's Unlimited Lavender Essential Oil a lot the past week. I like to use it in my bathroom and in my bedroom. In both rooms, it makes them smell so beautiful. Plus lavender is known to help calm, soothe, relax and help promote sleep. In addition to using it in my automatic diffuser, I have also used it with diffuser reeds in my kitchen. The lavender scent keeps my home smelling wonderful! When I use this, I tend to only use about 1 or 2 drops because it is so potent. However you can adjust that depending on your personal preference to fragrance.

I am really enjoying the lavender essential oil. There are so many uses around the house to use essential oils, I am just beginning to explore them all! Beautiful scent, highly recommend!

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