July 22, 2015

Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes | Review

This is a 3 part review, where I will be sharing with you my thoughts on 3 different products from Bella and Bear. Enjoy!

"Cats Eyes" Eye Brush Set

This set of eye makeup brushes has every type of brush you need to create beautiful looks. This set comes with 5 full size brushes. This includes the  Iberian Lynx brush, which is used for your brows and lashes. The Leopard Cat brush, this one I found to be great for smudging out my liner, and for adding small amounts of color to add to a look. Next up is the Iromote brush which I use for adding color to my lid, and it works wonderfully with cream eye shadows! Then we have the Pampas Cat brush which is the perfect blending brush. And last but not least is the Black Footed Cat, which is a slanted fluffy brush that is great for working in corners, and on the brow bone area. 

I have been using all of these brushes over the past 2 weeks and I have had the chance to try them out with all sorts of different products. I have to say that I am quite pleased with this set! The brushes are easy to work with, and do exactly what they are suppose to do. 3 out of the 5 brushes in this set are very soft and easy on the skin. However 2 of them, the Pampas Cat brush, and the Leopard Cat brush are kinda scratchy, a little more rough feeling. I think that I would prefer different fibers to be used for these 2 brushes.  Cleaning these brushes was very simple, and I didn't have hardly any shedding. 

Iberian Lynx Brow Brush

This brush is fantastic for doing your brows. It is double ended, small slanted brush on one end, and on the other is a spoolie. The slanted part I like to use for brow wax, and brow powder. It is just the right size to define your brows and make them look flawless. I also have used this with my gel eyeliner on those days when I want a little bit of a thicker line. The spoolie end is great for smoothing out your brows after applying product. It takes away the harshness and gives a more natural look. You can also use this on your lashes to smooth out mascara and get rid of clumps. Like other Bella and Bear brushes, this one cleans easy, and I haven't had any shedding. 

Lynx Kabuki Foundation Brush

I only use liquid foundations, so a good brush is a must have for me. I like this kabuki brush, it does a great job at buffing out my foundation and giving me a nice natural look. It is a bit smaller than most kabuki brushes that I am used to, but I am easily getting adjusted. I like that I can get into corners and creases of my face with ease. I have also used this with powders, such as my blushes and bronzer and it works just as well. It washes very well, and I only experienced very minor shedding. 

Overall I love these Bella and Bear brushes! These are perfect for beginners or my fellow makeup addicts!

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