July 20, 2015

PetPro Pet Deshedding Brush | Review


Pet Pro Happy Pets One-Size Shedding Tool for ALL Pets, is the Fastest, Easiest and Cleanest way to treat your loved pets and remove their Loose, Dead Undercoat and GAIN a Fantastic Shiny Top Coat at the same time, all within just minutes. 

Recommended by Vets and Professional Groomers, our One-Size Deshedding Tool is so versatile, that it works perfectly on LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL pets, as well LONG and SHORT hair, so this one tool prevent you having to buy several different sizes, saving you $$.

If you are spending far too long cleaning up and removing pet hair from your floor, furniture and car, then the One-Size Shedding Tool is the ultimate solution to your problems and will free up HOURS A WEEK for you to spend time ENJOYING your pet, not cleaning up after them!It's a proven FACT that our Deshedding Tool will REDUCE shedding by up to 90%, whilst promoting Healthier Skin, a Shiny Top Coat and overall improving the overall Happiness and Wellbeing of your pet. That's why ONLY Pet Pro offer a 100% Happy Pet Satisfaction Guarantee - if either you OR your pet aren't 100% happy with our product within 60 days, just let us know and we will refund your full purchase price, no questions.

Our Ultra ERGONOMIC HANDLE is so robust, provides mega comfort and is so easy to use as well as being super strong, that we provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE - if it breaks, we'll replace it free of charge - additionally, the 100mm / 4in exceptional quality, replaceable Stainless Steel Comb, provides additional benefit when used on larger pets to reduce the time required to complete the deshedding.


Let me start off by saying that I give this a full 5 star recommendation, and in fact if I could, I'd give it a 10 star rating because it is that good of a product!

Anyways, I have 2 cats, one which loves to be brushed and another which doesn't care for it too much. The one that likes to be brushed, gets brushed almost daily. So while she still sheds, her loose fur is removed often, so she didn't have too much of a use for this. However my other cat, the one who isn't a huge fan of being brushed desperately needed this. I like to keep my cats coat looking its best, and brushing them is a great way to do so. But because she isn't a fan, she doesn't get it done often. I knew she had a lot of loose fur because when I would pet her, or pick her up, I'd be covered in fur. So I tried this brush on her.... By far the best pet brush I have ever used thus far! It works so well! It not only gets rid of loose top coat, but also gets to their under coat. The amount of fur that was coming out of my cat was mind boggling! I could tell she was loving it because she would rub her head into the brush, so I figured getting rid of that loose fur must feel pretty good!

I absolutely love this brush, and cannot recommend it enough! My 2 cats give it a big 2 paws up rating as well!

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