July 03, 2015

Pro Alpha Greens - Organic Greens Supplement | Review


Want to change your life? Scoop it, shake it and drink it! Don't be surprised when you wake up tomorrow craving this phyto-nutrient packed super-food blend!
Pro Alpha Greens is the pinnacle of nutrition! Your body will start using the real antioxidant super-power, digestive enzymes, amino acids, and probiotics immediately. The combination of these ingredients culmanizes in what we believe is the best green super-food on the market today! Once you try Pro Alpha Greens we promise you will never need to search for another greens supplement again!

Key Features
• 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables 
• 30 billion probiotics per serving 
• Digestive enzymes to aid in better absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as prevention of GI tract inflammation 
• High concentration of vitamin C for an immune boost 
• 15,300 ORAC value to give you antioxidant power 
• Moringa Leaf which contains all 9 essential amino acids 
• Non-GMO ingredients 
• Contains NO: soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, preservative, MSG, shellfish, nuts, artificial colors and flavors 

Try Pro Alpha Greens Risk Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! BUY TODAY And Change Your Life!


I have heard a lot about drinks like these, and it was something I wanted to try. All of the great super foods, vitamins, minerals, and other goodness that are packed into this powder is exactly what my body has been needing.

I will first say that I am not a fan the flavor. But I charge through it and drink it because I know that it is quite beneficial to me. It does have a bit of a sweeter taste than what I was initially expecting. I honestly thought it would taste like hay, but it didn't. It's just got quite a natural flavor to it. Hard to explain. I make a drink using this in the morning, and it helps me kick my day off right.

I wish that the container was a bit different, because this powder tends to easily get everywhere. I have since put this in a large zip lock bag, and it makes accessing it, without powder flying everywhere much easier. Overall though, I quite like this, and I appreciate all the benefits that it is giving my body!

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