August 28, 2015

Jumbo Jawbreaker Pops on a Stick by Candy Buffet Store | Review


  • 12 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED JAWBREAKERS - Each 5.5" long lollipop comes individually wrapped around the jawbreaker portion to ensure safety and freshness.
  • JUMBO 1.75" DIAMETER JAWBREAKER - These Jawbreaker Suckers will keep you entertained for days!
  • 9 DIFFERENT LAYERS OF FRUITY FLAVOR - Each candy has 9 layers of different colors and flavors to enjoy throughout, all the way to the center.
  • GREAT FOR CANDY BUFFETS - With 11 different colors available, we have the color you are looking for to match your next candy buffet table!


One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the local candy shop and buying a Jawbreaker with my Grandpa. When I had the chance to try these, it was a trip down memory lane! I am in my late 20s, so it's probably been a good 10-15 years since I have had this type of treat. I forgot just how long they take to consume!

Unlike the Jawbreakers I had as a kid, these come in lollipop form which makes eating them a million times easier. Less mess! I have been enjoying one for the past few days and I am just now about half way done. I am now on the 4th color which is always exciting! I love getting down to see what the next color and flavor is! All of the flavors so far are quite nice, it's not a over powering fruit flavor, but just enough.

These are fantastic, and would be great for parties, showers, or just to have around the house! I highly recommend these!

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