August 03, 2015

Sea Kelp Moisturizer by Be Natural Organics | Review


Our anti-aging cream repairs, nourishes and protects your skin, while restoring the natural glow of young, healthy skin. 

Specially formulated for powerful results, we combine Sea Kelp extract to protect against environmental toxins, Aspen bark extract in a base of Aloe Vera to create our anti-aging preservation system.

Our wax-free formula allows for deep absorption of fruit based glycolic and lactic acids, intensive amounts of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, allantoin and Red Raspberry Seed Oil for natural sun protection. 

Increased collagen and elastin production, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduction of skin damage caused by free radicals from sun exposure and pollutants.
Improved skin tone and discoloration of sun damaged skin.
Microscopic exfoliation that helps shed damaged surface cells, allowing healthy cells to emerge for glowing skin.

Normal and combination.


As most of you know, I am very active in skincare. I believe that starting a good skincare routine when you are young will really pay off and benefit you when you are older. I am constantly on the the lookout for a great moisturizer. I have dry skin, so using a moisturizer is something I must do daily. I have a hard time finding moisturizers that truly hold up, and really help me deal with my dry skin. I have to say that over the past few weeks that I have been trying out the Be Natural Organics Sea Kelp Moisturizer, I have really been impressed. I use the product after my shower, and after I have lightly exfoliated my face. I take a bit on my finger tips and massage it into my skin. The formula of this is on the thicker side which I quite like. It is very easy to work into your skin, my skin soaks it right up! After it dries, there is no greasy, oily, or sticky feeling. It has a nice clean, herbal scent which I also enjoy. After it is dry, I then put on my makeup and I'm ready for the day. My skin stays so soft, and healthy looking. I am able to create a beautiful makeup application without having any icky dry patches. I find that when I don't wear makeup, my skin just looks so radiant, and soft. Perhaps I can build up my confidence and ditch the foundation all together! 

I absolutely love this moisturizer, and it has earned a spot in my daily skincare routine!

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