August 31, 2015

Temptations Cat Treats & Catit Bench Scratcher | Review

Can you believe that August is coming to a end? August has to be my favorite month because it is my birthday month! I turned 27, yikes!

To celebrate this month, Anna and Bailey got some special goodies sent to them from Chewy for their monthly review! This month they got to try Temptations Cat Treats (which they already were a HUGE fan of) and the Catit Bench Scratcher.

First thing that the girls dove in for was the Temptations Cat Treats. These are in Dairy Flavor. Anna and Bailey have been HUGE fans of Temptations for years, and it is the cat treat that I most often purchase for them. This was their first time trying this flavor. Like always, as soon as I touched the bag, the girls came running! They devoured them! Anna will even go as far as to try and chew on the bag to get into them!

Anna, who is my 15 year old senior cat has lost quite a few of her teeth, but she can eat these with no issue.

Without a doubt, these get a 5 paw rating!

Next up the girls got to try out the Catit Bench Scratcher. Both Anna and Bailey love their cardboard scratchers, and they really enjoy the larger ones that they can sit on, and even lay on. So this worked out perfectly for them. It is designed so the cat can easily get on it, and scratch their urges away! Plus they can also rest on it, take a bath on it, you name it. This scratcher has been getting plenty of use from the second I put it down for my girls. It came with catnip that you sprinkle on it, and that helps entice the cat to scratch on it. My girls are so familiar with their cat scratchers, they were already on it before I could put the cat nip down! 

My girls absolutely love this, and they use it multiple times a day!

And of course, they give the Catit Bench Scratcher a 5 paw rating!

Also did you know that Anna & Bailey have their very own Instagram? Follow them @felinefurrends

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