September 17, 2015

Scentiments Soy Scented Candles | Review


Our range currently has four different titles and all four are available in four different fragrances.

Looking for that perfect gift for your best friend which they will appreciate and actually use?
This handmade range of scented candles produced with 100% USA Soy wax can deliver just that.

- 100% Soy Wax for Clean burn 
- Handmade quality 
- High Fragrance Content 
- Traditional Mason Jars 
- Gift Tags Included

Let's face it buying the perfect gift for our best friend who has it all is never easy. With a simple message and great scent these candles not only say what we want to say but delivery a fantastic fragrance for hours and hours after the gift has been made.

With four great fragrances to choose from you will be sure to select the right fragrance for the occasion or collect all four for different rooms in the home. Our collection is handmade here in the USA using materials sourced and manufactured here in the USA.


I absolutely love burning candles, especially during the fall months. They just make my home feel cozy! The day that this candle arrived, I started burning it. The fragrance of the candle is quite potent, and once burning it fills up the room fairly quickly. I like to burn my candles for 30 mins- a hour at a time, and so far these seem to have a pretty good longevity. I have burned my candle a couple times and it barely has diminished.

The packaging of these candles is also very cute. I got the Happy Birthday saying, which was great because it arrived a few days after my birthday, so it was a nice little belated gift! These candles have a great homey touch to them, and would make a great gift for anyone. They are very simple, sweet and feminine. I really like them!

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