December 04, 2015

First Impression: RawSpiceBar Monthly Spice Box

Monthly subscription services seem to have taken over the Internet in the past few years. I absolutely love them and what they offer. I like being able to try something out before I jump in and make a purchase. I was so thrilled to hear that there was a subscription service like that for spices, RawSpiceBar.

Over the past few years I have developed quite a spice collection in my kitchen. I personally believe that spices are what can introduce you to a new culture. RawSpiceBar takes you all over the world, and introduces you to new cultures and flavors with their monthly spice box.  For $6 a month you get 3 fresh packets of spices that take you all over the world. They were kind enough to send me the November 2015 kit which took us to Ethiopia. The kit comes with the spices of course, as well as a brochure which gives you a bit of information on the area and the spices, plus there were 3 recipes for me to try out using the spices I was sent.

I love how the spices are presented. They come in small packets which feature the spice name, a little information about the spice, and the ingredients. They really inform you about the spices which is fantastic when dealing with a spice you have never worked with before. They give you a decent amount of the spices as well, enough to do a few recipes with them. A nice sampling. This will let you try it out and see if it is something you like or not. This months box did have some heat to it, which is something that I am gradually adding into my foods. This is a great way for me to open my palette to new things!

I absolutely adore this company, and I love what they offer. This would be a perfect monthly subscription box for anyone who loves to cook, bake, or loves to experience new cultures. Without a doubt this gets a 5 star rating from me! If you are interested in learning more about RawSpiceBar, visit their website here!

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