December 11, 2015

The Ridiculous 6 - Netflix Original Film Review

Today the newest Netflix Original film was released, The Ridiculous 6. Like many other Netflix subscribers, I was pretty excited to see what this movie would be like since it features so many popular actors and actresses. Plus it is a Happy Madison Production, which if you are familiar with Adam Sandler, then you will know this is his production company. I knew from the previews that this movie was going to be a campy comedy, so I eagerly tuned in tonight to give the movie a first watch.

22 minutes into the movie I already disliked it. I had to force myself to continue on watching it. The base of the story is fantastic, however the way they went around filming it, and the dialogue, it's just horrible. Adam Sandler, a actor which I really enjoy just is very lackluster in this film. His acting seems forced, and not natural. And as I said, the dialogue is just so off for this type of movie, it's ridiculous. There isn't much for comedy, aside from the fact that I am laughing at how stupid the movie is.

I'm going to keep this review short, sweet and to the point. I give this one a big 2 thumbs down. Not worth the time of day.

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