January 29, 2016

First Impression: Topaz Unisex Dress Watch

Hi lovies! Today I wanted to share with you another new First Impression! Today I am trying out... well rather, trying on the Topaz Unisex Dress Watch!


This watch is very classic looking, and it is truly a unisex piece. On a man I feel this would have that timeless classic clean look, and would work well for casual and formal wear. On a woman, it adds a bit of sophisticated chic to your look. I personally like to wear watches as more of an accessory rather than a actual time piece. This one goes with so many of my outfits, and just adds a little bit of something extra to my look, I really enjoy it. It is easy to set the time, no hassle at all!

The quality is nice, although I am not one who knows much about watches and what sets their quality apart. But so far this one seems pretty nice. I do wish that it came packaged better. It came to me in a piece of plastic. I would have like to see it in a box at least. The way it comes packaged makes it very easy for it to be damaged during shipment, and it doesn't provide much of a first impression.

Overall, its a beautiful watch, and truly a nice unisex piece. 

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