January 06, 2016

Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Edition Pillow by Delta Comfort Labs | Review

I am a stomach / side sleeper, so I have a tendency to favor flatter pillows rather than puffy ones. The pillows I have in my bed are the standard cotton ones. I have never used a memory foam pillow before, but I have always heard great things about them. They are suppose to offer better support and contour to your body. 

I have been solely using this pillow at night to see just how well it would work out for me. It is definitely the thinnest "new" pillow I have ever had. But this isn't a negative. Normally when I get a new pillow, it will take months before it gets to a thickness that I prefer. This one though came out of the bag at just the right thickness for me. It contours to my head, and neck perfectly. I also like that it comes with a removable protective pillow case that you can easily wash. This was fantastic because the pillow was a bit larger than my standard pillows, so none of my pillow cases would have fit it anyways. 

If you like flatter pillows, then this is definitely a pillow to try out. I have only been using it for about a week now, but so far I am pretty impressed!

Below are some more photos to give you a better view of this pillow!


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