February 29, 2016

VetriScience Everyday Health Feline Dental Cat Treats | Chewy.com Review

This month Anna and Bailey had the chance to try out the VetriScience Everyday Health Feline Dental Cat Treats. You can find these here on Chewy.com!

These treats are a lot larger than any cat treats I have ever seen. Personally I think they are a little too large for cats. They would almost be perfect size for a small dog. I had to break these up by hand to feed them to my cats, and unfortunately they just turned their noses at them. Bailey wouldn't even bother to give them a try. Anna on the other hand ate 2, and left the rest. She has since refused to eat them.

So to see if it was just my cats being fussy, I gave them to my mother to try with her cats. She told me that hers loved them. However she had to do the same and break up the treat because they were just too large.

So unfortunately I really cannot give a good review on these since my girls decided to be fussy and turn up their noses to the VetriScience Feline Treats. I will say though that perhaps the company making these might consider adjusting the size of the treats meant for cats. As they are now, they are quite large.

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  1. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for your review of this product - I really love your close-up shot of the treats!

    I just posted my review - would love for you to drop by and check it out!


    Look forward to reading more of your Chewy reviews and hope you'll join us at some of our parties! :-)