March 15, 2016

Handmade Greeting Card - Thank You Set by Envite Designs | Review

One thing that I absolutely love is the "old fashioned" way of communication, sending written cards. I love taking the time and writing to someone, whether it be a simple birthday greeting, a quick hello, or a thoughtful thank you note. I feel that taking the time to write down your thoughts and sending it to that special someone really adds a personal touch to things that has become somewhat lost in this digital age.

I was kindly sent a set of handmade thank you cards from Envite Designs. The moment they arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. They were packaged very simply yet so sweetly in a brown paper lunch bag that had scalloped trimmed edges. A piece of string wrapped around the bag, and it just felt so retro... I absolutely loved it! Inside the bag was a very cute business card full of the business information, and social media connections. And finally I pulled out the thank you cards. There are 5 cards in this set, that come individually wrapped along with a pairing envelope. I appreciate that these are separated and kept in individual plastic wrap, it makes storing cards much easier, and helps protect against any damage.

The cards in this set all say Thank You on the front, and each has a paper butterfly embellishment. The cards all have a string tied on them, which just adds to the handmade look. Some of the cards also feature scalloped edges for a added touch. Inside the cards are blank so you can express exactly what you wish to say!

I am very much in love with these cards. Envite Designs did a beautiful job at creating simple, straight forward yet adorable cards. I had the chance to browse their website and look at their other creations. Aside from greeting cards, they also make custom wedding invitations, shower invitations and birthday invitations. I highly recommend heading over to Envite Designs and checking out what they have to offer. Beautiful stationary pieces all with that handmade touch!

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