March 31, 2016

Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis Cat Treats | Review

Another month means another review from Anna and Bailey! This month the girls had the chance to try out the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis Cat Treats that can be found on

If you are a long time reader, then you know that those 2 cats absolutely love cat treats. They go nuts for them! They were quite eager to give these a try since it is from a brand they have never yet tried. At first, they had a hard time eating the treats. They are suppose to be mini's but honestly they are larger than most of my normal cat treats. So I ended up breaking the treats apart for them, and they were able to dive in. They really enjoyed these, and would eat them up as fast as they could!

I also passed some of these treats along to my mother to give to her 2 cats, and she had the same feedback that I have. She too had to break up the treats for her girls to be able to eat them. And her cats too absolutely loved these!

I think if the size was a bit smaller, they would get a 5 paw rating, but because I had to break them up so they could enjoy them, we are going to give these treats a 4 paw rating!


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