March 22, 2016

Rose Cup - Menstrual Cup By Intimate Rose | Review

I have been dealing with periods since I was 8 years old. I have mostly stuck to using pads because I never liked tampons. I always heard about TSS and it just frightened me too much to even risk it. A few years ago when I started seeing menstrual cups on the market, I was very eager to try them. So I did. I have found that they can either be wins or fails. Every vagina is different, shaped different, and different sized. I have used just about every name brand menstrual cup you can find on store shelves, and have found only 1 to work really well for me. So going into this review, I will say that I am not new to menstrual cups, I am quite seasoned.

I ordered this menstrual cup in the small size, I am 27 years old, and I have never given birth. In all the brands of menstrual cups I am always the smallest size. When this arrived, it was slightly larger than my other menstrual cups, but not by too much. About a week after this arrived in the mail, so did my period. I was excited to try this out and see how it would compare to my favorite cup. It is a flexible cup, and does fold easily. Upon first use, I washed it with feminine wash, and then inserted it. It took me a few minutes to get this cup inside. I tried putting the cup in by pushing down on one side and creating what I call a rose bud shape, then I tried making the C shape. Both ways I could not get the cup to release from these positions once inside. I tried inserting in every position I could think of, but still no luck. My personal thought is that this cup is just too big for me. If it was a little smaller perhaps it would fit a bit better and more securely. To make sure that it wasn't just me having a difficult day, I grabbed 3 of my other menstrual cups and inserted them. I didn't have any issues at all. So I gave it a rest for the day. Next day I figured I'd try again. No go. I would get the cup in, but it just wouldn't unfold from its insertion position. I have never had this problem with any of my other cups, so I took to Google to see if there are others having this problem with menstrual cups. Apparently it is a issue for many women, especially those who are smaller down below. Basically from what I read, some cups will work with you, and other cups just won't.

I think it could be great for some women, and others like me, it might not work out. Its worth a try, and perhaps if you are new to these, I'd recommend purchasing both sizes so you can see which one may fit you best. I don't think this is a bad cup by any means, I just think that this is one of those personal products that really just depend on your body type.


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