April 28, 2016

Kong Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher | Chewy.com Review

It is time again for the month of April's Chewy.com Review! So this month Anna and Bailey completely lucked out and got one of their FAVORITE pet supplies ever... a cat scratcher!

I don't know about you and your cat(s), but mine absolutely love cardboard cat scratchers. I have been buying them for years because my cats can't get enough of them. However this was the very first cat scratcher that they had ever tried that was inclined. The ones they are used to sat flat on the floor. I was anxious to see what Anna and Bailey would think of this one!

The Kong Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher features a large inclined cat scratching area, plus it has 3 holes (one on the back and 2 on the sides) that your cats can put their paws into and play with a hanging cat toy that is attached. Straight off this provides plenty of enrichment for your cat.

April 25, 2016

How To Dye Hair From Blonde To Burgundy

So, are you thinking about taking the plunge and dyeing your hair from blonde to burgundy? If so, I'm sure you're probably anxious about it since it is quite a drastic change. Before I get into this blog, let me just start off by stating that I am not a hair stylist or colorist. I am just a woman who has been dyeing her hair herself for 15 years.

I am a natural blonde, more on the "dirty blonde" spectrum. Since I was a little girl  I have most often colored it a lighter shade of blonde. But I have also done black, and brunette shades. For the past 5 years I have kept it at a light blonde, and to be quite frank, I was just getting sick of it. First, having blonde hair is work. Whether you have natural blonde or dyed blonde, it requires upkeep. I was always having to spend money buying toning shampoos to keep my blonde bright and the right tone. I had to keep up with regular coloring so my roots wouldn't show and look icky. All of this got to be not only time consuming, expensive, but it was damaging my hair. 

I had done some research online, and many people said that once they stopped dyeing their hair blonde, and stuck with a darker shade, their hair improved quite a bit. So I knew going darker was in the cards for me. I wanted to find a color that would work well with my fair skin tone, compliment my facial features, and also be a color that was a bit different than what I have ever had before. I took to Pinterest and found some hair inspo boards. That's when it happened... I came across a lady with gorgeous burgundy hair. I was in love! After more research I found that this process was going to be just that, a process. In order to go from blonde to burgundy, I had to go from blonde to brunette first. So I am going to be sharing with you how and what I did to go from light blonde to burgundy hair!

April 07, 2016

MAKE Beauty - #MAKEYourself | First Impression

If you have been a long time follower of mine, you will already be fully aware that I love makeup. It is something I have a passion for. So naturally when I have the chance to try out cosmetics from a company I have yet to experience, I jump at it! So today I am going to be sharing with you my first impression review of MAKE Beauty. They were gracious enough to send me 2 makeup samples, a eye shadow and a lipstick.

To give you a little information about MAKE Beauty, they are a company located in (and the product is made in) New York City. Their pieces are hypoallergenic, made without parabens and never tested on animals. In their own words, "MAKE believes there are no beauty rules. That each individual is driven by an artistic approach to their own personal reality. That it's beautiful to be inspired by your own imagination. To embrace a whimsical approach to life. To be outspoken, intelligent, confident and un-self conscious. The spirit of collaboration illuminates our social mission. 10% of every MAKE sale supports women-led, worker-owned businesses in at-need communities through our non-profit partner, We See Beauty Foundation".

April 04, 2016

CWL Is Going To Get A Face Lift!

That's right loves, I'm getting a face lift! No no no, I don't mean myself personally, however my blog is!

After a long consideration, I am going to be making some content changes to Courtney, With Love. I started this blog many years ago as a form to share product reviews. And for the longest time, I loved doing that. But Courtney, With Love ended up taking a turn down a path that I just wasn't liking anymore. I have become bored with using my blog mainly for reviews. I instead would like to start creating my own content that isn't related to products and reviews. I'd like to get back into writing blogs that inspire me and hopefully others.

If you like my reviews, you don't need to worry, I still will be regularly posting reviews on Amazon as always! I love doing Amazon reviews and I don't think I will ever stop doing them. And on occasion you will see a review here and there on the blog. But you will soon be seeing more content from me. I hope you continue to follow along with me during this transition! I appreciate each and every one of you!

In the month of April I will be doing the change over. So you may notice a few new things when you visit my blog over the month! I will also be working on updating my social media accounts to reflect this change, and just give them a new face lift as well!