April 04, 2016

CWL Is Going To Get A Face Lift!

That's right loves, I'm getting a face lift! No no no, I don't mean myself personally, however my blog is!

After a long consideration, I am going to be making some content changes to Courtney, With Love. I started this blog many years ago as a form to share product reviews. And for the longest time, I loved doing that. But Courtney, With Love ended up taking a turn down a path that I just wasn't liking anymore. I have become bored with using my blog mainly for reviews. I instead would like to start creating my own content that isn't related to products and reviews. I'd like to get back into writing blogs that inspire me and hopefully others.

If you like my reviews, you don't need to worry, I still will be regularly posting reviews on Amazon as always! I love doing Amazon reviews and I don't think I will ever stop doing them. And on occasion you will see a review here and there on the blog. But you will soon be seeing more content from me. I hope you continue to follow along with me during this transition! I appreciate each and every one of you!

In the month of April I will be doing the change over. So you may notice a few new things when you visit my blog over the month! I will also be working on updating my social media accounts to reflect this change, and just give them a new face lift as well!


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