July 27, 2016

Moscow Mule Copper Mug | Review

I absolutely love Moscow Mule mugs! They are so great to have especially in the summer time. This mug is crafted into a beautiful shape and is quite pretty to look at. In my opinion mule mugs have a very rustic, vintage type of look to them. I always feel like I am back in the 1800's when I am drinking out of one!

The mug is used for cold beverages only. Do not attempt to use this with anything warm. The mug takes your drink and keeps it cool. I'm talking ice cold! It will keep your drink cold for hours which is of course why it is perfect for summer use. It is absolutely fantastic! I find that I don't need to add ice to my drinks to keep them cool. If I pull a drink out of the fridge that's cold, and I pour it into this mug, it will stay cool. No ice that will be watering it down.

It cleans well, just be sure to rinse and dry quickly after use. In my past experiences I have found that these mugs can stain easily if anything gets left in them for long periods of times. Overall this is a great mug!

1 comment :

  1. Solid copper Moscow mule mugs have always been in fashion, and I still remember how my grandfather used to sip mule in his favourite mug.