January 09, 2017


I have been a fan of Argan Oil for years. I was quite excited to try out this one from Actually Organic. I have been using their Argan Oil for the past 3 weeks on my hair, skin, and nails. So let's dig into my thoughts and review!

The bottle is made out of a dark glass which helps keep sunlight out and tampering with the Argan Oil inside. It has a spray pump topper which is nice especially if you are using this for your hair or skin. The overall design of the packaging is attractive and appealing. Simple yet nice. I quite enjoy it!

I tend to have dry hair and dry skin in the winter months. So using Argan Oil is apart of my daily routine. I do also use it on my nails. For my hair, I like to take a dime sized amount and run it through my hair, focusing it on my ends. This helps my hair feel and look better. I also like using it as a hair mask to really let it soak in. For my skin, I use this a lot on my face and elbows. Those areas get the driest so they need a little extra moisture. I enjoy using it when I get out of the shower and I am getting ready for bed at night. I sleep with it on and wake up with nice soft skin. Finally for my nails, I tend to use this around my cuticles during a manicure, or directly on my nails after I use a nail polish remover. The Argan Oil just helps nourish my hair, skin and nails.

This Argan Oil has hardly any scent, which I really like. It soaks into the skin very quickly and leaves no greasy residue. A little goes a long way which is fantastic as well!

Overall I am very pleased with this brand of Argan Oil. It works well, and it is helping my hair, skin and nails look their best!


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