February 23, 2017

My 2017 Monthly Planner | Featuring Tools4Wisdom Planner

2017 is well underway now, so for many of us that meant that it was time to toss our 2016 planners and begin our new year with a new planner.

Being that I do blogging and now YouTube, having a monthly planner is essential for me. It helps me keep track of tasks, when I need to upload content, and things that I need to prepare for in advance. It also gives me a spot to jot down ideas for content, and video ideas. My planner is a major part of my life!

Last year for 2016 I used a smaller planner, which was nice, but I found myself running out of room. I didn't have enough space to write down my daily tasks. There was only a small space for me to write down ideas and miscellaneous things. For 2017 I told myself that this year I would go with a larger planner, and I did just that.The kind folks at Tools4Wisdom Planners kindly sent me one of their 2017 planners to put to the test.