October 16, 2017


Hey loves! So today I posted a new video of me trying out my new A2O Lab Magnetic Palette from Shop Miss A. Y'all, this palette is under $10!! Watch my review below for more details! xo

October 14, 2017

Well... Hello!

Hello everyone! I know it has been a SUPER long time since I have posted on here. A good 6 months or so, which seems crazy to me.

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you pretty much are caught up with me. However, if you are not, I have been spending a lot of time working on making YouTube videos. I am taking the time to learn video editing, in which I am still quite a newbie. I am also working on coming up with ideas for content, and taking the time to film them.

Most of you know that I work outside of the home, so trying to juggle everything can be quite hard. I have been working on making a plan on how I can do all of the above, plus more. I even went out and bought myself a really cute planner at Micheal's! How I survived before daily planning is beyond me! It is slowly becoming my new best friend!

Moving on from here, I will be working on integrating my YouTube channel and this blog. The 2 platforms need to become friends! As I get that down pact, I will also be adding in my social media, and working those into the equation as well. It sounds easy, but trust me, it's challenging when you are a one woman show!

I look forward to posting more blogs soon! See you all soon!