February 06, 2018

Furbliss Blue Multi-Functional Grooming Brush | Review + Demo On Cats | #furbliss #vetniquelabs

Many of you who follow my blog or YouTube channel know that I am a proud "Cat Mom". I have 2 female cats, one that is a super senior (17 years old) and a younger cat that is 5 years old. My older cat LOVES to be brushed. If I pick up a brush in my hand, she will come running! On the other hand, my younger cat, she isn't a huge fan of being brushed. I have tried traditional cat brushes on her, and she seems to really dislike the ones that are rough and harsh. I think she has sensitive skin, and the feel of those brushes on her fur and skin just isn't pleasant. 

I was kindly sent the Furbliss Blue Multi-Functional Grooming Brush, and I was super anxious to see what both of my girls would think of this brush. It is different than most that I have seen on the market. This brush is made from 100% soft silicone that is of medical grade. The Furbliss Brush comes in a couple different varieties depending on pet size and hair length, but for this review I will be showing and using the blue brush which is made for small cats, dogs and small pets with short hair. 

When it arrived at my door, I immediately grabbed my kitties and wanted to try it out on them. I set up a bar stool in the middle of the room, set up my camera, and filmed their reactions to the brush!

 Click the video below to play and see my cats using the Furbliss Brush for the first time!

As you can tell by the video, my cats loved this pet brush! I liked the brush myself because it is easy to grip and hold on to, easy to use on my pets, and they really enjoy it. It also removes loose fur, which helps me out a lot because that means less fur balls that I have to clean up! Yay!!!

If you are interested in purchasing the Blue Furbliss Multi-Fuctional Brush, you can do so by visiting the following website - https://www.chewy.com/glandex-furbliss-short-hair-dog-cat/dp/164014


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