December 29, 2018

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December 03, 2018

Custom Sized & Styled Clothes from 0-36W | eShakti FX Review

Hi Lovies!

Let's talk about our bodies. We are all made so differently, tall, short, heavy, thin, etc. None of us have the same standard shape or size. So of course when it comes time to shop for clothes, finding things to fit your exact body type can be next to impossible. Now let's say by chance you do find something that fits, there might be something on the outfit that you aren't a fan of. Finding a outfit that fits your body and is the style that you like... what that must be like right?

Well, imagine if I told you there is a clothing company that not only lets you custom size your clothes, but also custom style their clothes. I know, I know, you probably think I'm joking with you, but I am completely serious. A brand like this does exist, and their name is eShakti.

If you have been with me for a long time, then you will be familiar with eShakti already. However if you are not, then I am so happy to introduce you to them. eShakti is a clothing company that offers clothes in standard sizes from 0 to 36W. However if you find that standard sizes don't fit you 100%, then they offer custom sizing. You simply take your measurements, and add them to the custom size section. Your outfit will be made to fit your body measurements. 

But wait, there's more! 😄

In addition to having your garment custom sized, you can also style it how you like. For example, you find a really cute dress on eShakti's website, but you don't like the neckline, length, and sleeves. You have the control to choose from a number of options to create the perfect neckline, just the right length, and the perfect sleeves. With the new FX feature, you can see your custom options live so you can visually see your customizations. 

Below you can watch my YouTube video where I go onto eShakti's website and try out the FX feature for the first time, and custom create a outfit that I absolutely LOVE!